Citrus Pre-Wash

Citrus Pre-Wash

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Ready to use citrus based formulation that degreases and cleans to efficiently remove traffic film, flies and general dirt from the body and engine bay of your vehicle.

For heavy soiling this product can be applied direct, for light soiling/regular cleaning you can dilute with water 50/50 - so you could make 1 litre of cleaner from this 500ml bottle.

Add some citrus pre-wash to your snow foam in the spray bottle to boost it's cleaning power.

500ml - £7.00

All our sprayable products are now supplied with a larger, adjustable black spray trigger head. This high quality, easy grip, long life trigger has an adjustable nozzle which allows the user to control how the product is dispensed from a fine mist to a strong jet. 


Blood in humans contains haemoglobin, a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen around our bodies. Insects don't have haemoglobin as their bodies don’t transport gases through their blood, instead they have lots of holes along their bodies called spiracles. These lead to a network of tubes that carry the oxygen around their bodies, this system also removes unwanted carbon dioxide.

An insects blood flows freely around their body in a cavity underneath their external skeleton and comes into direct contact with all their tissues, they don’t have veins like we do.

The colour of their blood or hemolymph is likely to be determined by the plants that they have consumed, ranging from grey, to green to yellow and even orange shades.

Some insects and spiders blood is called hemocyanin, this contains copper and when exposed the the air (ie splatted on your car) it turns to a bluish colour.

Sometimes you may see some red splatter from a fly, its not blood from another animal that they have consumed, but the red pigment from their eyes!

As pretty as all these colours sound, splatted bugs can be a nightmare to remove from your paintwork, especially if left to bake on. Use our Citrus Pre-Wash spray to dissolve them and remove them safely.