As a small business we often get asked if our stuff is any good.
Now, thats a tough one to answer, not because we don't believe in our products and the results they will give you, but because car care is such a personal choice - its not just about if its 'any good'.
Does every person use the same deodorant, read the same books, like the same tv programmes or films, drive the same car..?
We are all so different in our likes and dislikes and that extends to car care too.
Just because your mate likes something, doesn't mean you'll like it too, or think its 'good'.
There are a lot of established car care brands out there and often people will tell us they use their products, and see no need to change and try our range.
We understand that completely, but if you don't try something new every now and again you'll never know what you're missing out on, you might just find something that suits you better or that you enjoy using just as much for a change.
Our car care range is fun, affordable and easy to use. If you need more shampoo, a new wax, go on be brave and don't just go for the same old stuff, try something you may not usually buy - because that brand thats currently your favourite, was once unknown to you.



A professional self employed Valeter and Detailer by trade (Immaculate Reflection Valeting and Detailing), Mark Haim has a bit of an addiction to adding new and interesting car waxes to his ever growing collection. Always on the look out for something that catches his eye, something a bit different from the norm to add some excitement to the waxing process!

Scroll back to Christmas 2014, Mark was opening his usual presents of pants and socks, DVD’s, a large tuck shop box of cola bottles from the cash and carry and a variety of car waxes!

It was at this time he began to think seriously about creating his own wax to use within his business, in whatever colours and fragrances he fancied.

"I was looking around for waxes that smelt of sweets and couldn't really find any, so that really motivated me to make my own!"

Researching online with his partner they looked into possible ingredients and fragrances and put together three different waxes in fun sweetie themes - including a cola bottles one!

immaculate reflection handmade car wax classic carnauba sweetie fragranced tuck shop first waxes september 2015

The first 3 Immaculate Reflection Waxes, September 2015.

The initial waxes worked really well and the smells were addictive. Soon friends and family wanted to try them out and Mark had the bug to tinker with the recipe and explore further fragrances and colours and to potentially make the waxes available for sale.

The first waxes were on the harder side, by gathering feedback from people who tried them out and from his own experience, Mark wanted to develop a softer wax that was really easy to use.

“Hard waxes are great for longer lasting protection, but people don’t like the hard work involved with applying and removing them”, he commented. “We wanted the wax to be easy to apply and remove whilst still using natural waxes, so that waxing your car is a pleasure not a chore, something you’d be happy to do after every wash - and the colour and fragrance were equally as important to add to that overall enjoyable experience”.

Mark along with his partner Zara, a Graphic Designer, worked hard finalising the recipe for their first wax blend, experimenting with all aspects, including a rebrand for Mark’s valeting company in the Summer of 2016 so the business name ‘Immaculate Reflection’ could be applied as a brand logo to the wax as well.

“We chatted about a name for the wax once we were on the road to making it a saleable product and we felt tying it to the existing business was the best idea.” Said Mark.

“We hope it will give people confidence that this wax has been created by people with a good knowledge and experience of car products and the fact it also gets used within the professional Valeting and Detailing business is a nice additional touch.”

immaculate reflection handmade car wax classic carnauba sweetie fragranced tuck shop

The sweetie fragranced range of handmade 'Classic Carnauba' wax was officially launched for sale at the beginning of April 2017 when they attended a local VW show.

Mark and Zara own a Gold Mk2 Golf, so it was a great show to get along to, to meet customers and get instant reactions and feedback.

immaculate reflection handmade car wax classic carnauba sweetie fragranced tuck shop goldie the mk2 golf vw volkswagen

“People really enjoyed smelling the wax, it raised lots of smiles and brought back fond memories for people of sweets from their childhood! We made quite a few sales to customers who used the wax straight away to prep their cars for the show and shine competition. In fact two winners, including Best in Show had just applied our wax. We’d like to think the wax helped!” joked Mark.

“The feedback was very positive with people really pleased with the ease of use of the product, the glossy finish and the fragrance whilst applying it .”

Following the show the Immaculate Reflection valeting website was updated to enable online sales via a shop area to allow anyone to purchase and 'sugarcoat' their car!

“This is a really exciting time for us, its been great fun developing the wax and we hope people will enjoy using it and keep coming back for more!”