Customer Feedback

Hi Mark,

I recently purchased a selection of your unique Waxes & Detailing Sprays and have been extremely impressed.

I found the SpicNSpan pre-wax cleanser a very good start to all jobs - just the right amount of abrasive to take out scratches ready for waxing. The classic carnauba wax was very easy to apply/work with and the sweetie shop bubble gum interior spray leaves a non-over powering scent.

Having tried many other valeting products over the years, I can honesty say that they are some of the best I've used and great value for money. More than happy to use and promote Immaculate Reflection products for the future.


Mark (Yeovil)

• 5 Stars - Amazing products, Amazing people. If you haven’t tried the products or their detailing services you're missing out! You only live once so take a gamble... this one will not be one you regret! - Craig

• Can I just say massive 10/10 on the blue bubblegum soft wax, mrs bought some from you guys and thought I'd try it out on my Mini, well done guys brilliant stuff will be sure to buy more from you!

100% I think I'm going to change completely from auto glym and use your guys products! even auto glym hasn't bought up the paint this well! Was very easy to apply and knock off - Steven.

• Thanks guys for the amazing waxes, I love the whole idea of the kid at the candy shop really does bring back so many memories, when using your waxes. They smell sensational and easy to use. Wax on wax off is the good old saying! And it's very true with your waxes!

I'm excited to try out your new range of products at the tuck shop keep up great work, and keep bringing out sensational and professional products cheers guys

Amazing sudsy shampoo and very powerful cleaning power! 🚘✨scents amazing sweet jelly bean! 500Ml For £9 amazing value! Cleaned up the wheels with ease no wheel cleaner used just the shampoo. Was the best shampoo I have used! -JC49

• Very pleased with it but my god I soo wanted to eat it lol - Dave (Fizzy Sweets wax)

• fizzy sweets wax smells 🤤 - mindob8y

• 5 Star - Great easy to use car wax, leaves a real deep glass bottle like shine and the smell is first class. Can't wait to try out all the other flavours !! - Ivor (Fizzy Sweets wax)

• Had the pleasure of using some of this wax on my VW this afternoon!! It's extremely easy to apply and even easier to remove. I applied using an applicator sponge as recommended and removed with a microfibre cloth, the resulting shine is amazing. 100% recommend this product  - Martin

• Bought some Bubblegum hand made car wax today it's amazing, thank you Immaculate Reflection looks wicked and smells amazing- Wayne

• Great finish on the Mk1 using Blue Bubblegum - Josh

• Really liked the wax, smelt amazing putting it on and it was easy to wipe off which is mainly what I look for in a wax. - Tim (Jellybeans wax)

• This wax not only smells great it has left my car looking (and smelling) great too! The waxes are easy to apply and remove. - Simon (Foam Bananas wax)

• Did a good job on my Karmann Ghia and Split - Darren (Blue Bubblegum)

• Ooooh, shame I've waxed it (Motorbike)with my favourite Pineapple Chunks And Fruit Salads fragranced wax because now I don't want to ride her! - Darren

• Slightly disappointed with the taste, it's just wax isn't it!! :-) Not used a proper wax before, went on well, so I'll keep building it up 👍 - Andy (Jelly Cherries)