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Immaculate Reflection professional valeting and detailing services

Immaculate Reflection - Professional Valeting and Detailing services, is owned by Mark Haim and was established in 2010.

With a keen eye for detail and the passion to get a car looking its best, a valet from Immaculate Reflection is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Every car is treated with the up most care, whatever its age or make and whatever valet option you choose.

If washing your car is the chore you dread, then get in touch, we can save you the time and inconvenience and get your vehicle looking its very best.

Valeting not only makes your car look great it also helps to protect your paintwork, ensuring it will look better for longer. Our top end valets are ideal if you take real pride in your car and want to keep it well looked after inside and out.

If you are local to Yeovil and would like to book any of our Valeting or Detailing services, please click here for further details.

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 Before and after a headlight restoration. Badly oxidised headlights can cause a failure on your MOT and let down the overall look of your car - add this service to your next valet to complete your car's immaculate look.

Immaculate Reflection Professional Valeting and Detailing