Marvellous Montan Car Wax 100Ml Marzipan
Marvellous Montan Car Wax 100Ml Rhubarb And Custard
Marvellous Montan Car Wax

Marvellous Montan Car Wax

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Montan wax is classed as a mineral wax - its a fossilised plant wax found in lignite. Lignite is a soft brown coal with traces of plant structure, its firmer than peat, but not yet as hard as the black coal we are familiar with. Some lignite may be 251 million years old - formed from the Mesozoic Era - the age of the Dinosaurs. How cool is that! Some of the wax in your pot may have once been part of a plant that was in a Dinosaur's Tuck Shop!

It is said that Montan wax is very similar to Carnauba wax (a wax produced by a plant to protect its leaves), its basically like a very well aged version of it, and in our opinion its mellowed slightly with time! Its still a hard wax with a great ability to repel water and chemicals, but we've found it easier to work with in terms of spreadability and removal.

Montan wax is believed to be one of the most resistant waxes to oxidation, so an ideal choice when it comes to protecting the paintwork on your car. It is easily polished to a glossy shine - another plus for car wax use!

Did you know? Montan wax in an emulsion form is often used as a temporary anti-graffiti coating.

Use our Marvellous Montan wax if you would like…
• a soft wax product with the properties of a hard wax
• improved resistance to the environment
• easy to buff wax to give great shine and reflection
• enhanced depth of colour
• good hydrophobic protection
• to satisfy your inner child's fascination with dinosaurs!

100ml - £20 each

available in the following two fragrances:

Rhubarb & Custard and Marzipan (Dinosaurs really loved these fragrances - no really they did - go and ask one if you don't believe us!)

All our waxes contain natural oils to moisturise your paintwork and help keep it looking better for longer.


Durability: Good.

Durability is a hard area to test and prove as so many factors will effect how long your wax will perform. We do advise that you wax your car at least every couple of months to maintain MAXIMUM protection (especially for daily drivers). And if you're here buying wax, thats probably something you easily do anyway!

Application: If your paintwork is looking particularly dull or you'd like to increase the durability and protection of your wax, first apply our Spic and Span Pre-Wax Cleanser.

Apply a thin even layer to spotlessly clean paintwork using a wax applicator. Leave the wax on the car for 5-15 mins and then polish off with a clean and fluffy microfibre cloth. Buff to a shine with a second clean and dry microfibre cloth.

You can apply more than one coat for added protection, we would advise waiting at least a couple of hours between coats if possible for the first coat to harden - waiting till the next day would be even better if you are able to do so.

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