We all need a bit of R & R… and R!

Immaculate Reflection Car Care launched its Return, Refill and Reuse scheme in February 2019, to reward customer loyalty and to help to avoid perfectly good plastic containers going to waste.

All their packaging can be recycled and collected by your friendly local recycling team, but why not return your good condition empty bottles or pots to have them refilled - and in the process you’ll get 20% off. This offer extends across all their own brand car care products, so all waxes, shampoos and even air fresheners.

If you’re a local buyer, simply drop the empty containers back** and collect after a few days, refilled and ready to go. If you usually purchase via their online store, you can still take part. Post your empties back and upon receiving your items they will send you an invoice for the products with the discount applied and delivery costs.***

“Plastic waste is such an important issue to address, by the nature of our products, plastic containers provide the most cost effective and practical solution, but after one use its such a shame to see the empty bottle go in the recycling or worse landfill, when its still very much fit for purpose.”

“We thought this scheme would be great way to reward customer loyalty and help to prevent our packaging becoming single use plastic. This offer will save people money and hopefully help to make them more aware of reusing and recycling, which can only be a good thing.”

Its all about the three R's... Return, Refill and Reuse - If you require any further details, please contact:

 * Discount can’t be used with any other offers. Not available to resell customers. ** Returned bottles and pots must be in a fit for purpose condition and must be complete with the relevant lids or trigger sprays. *** Customer pays return postage and redelivery costs.

Please note: The bottle you return is refilled with the same product. So if you return an empty Foamy Sweet Shampoo bottle, this is refilled with more Foamy Sweet Shampoo and you then purchase this filled bottle at a discounted price.