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Showstopper - Smooth Show Wax
Showstopper - Smooth Show Wax
Showstopper - Smooth Show Wax - Immaculate Reflection Car Care
Showstopper - Smooth Show Wax - Immaculate Reflection Car Care

Showstopper - Show Wax

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Do you spend your weekends at car shows, proudly showing off your pride and joy? Want a wax that will make your paintwork glossy and bright and requires minimal effort to apply and remove, either as part of your prep at home or to use quickly at a show when you're parked up in position.

Or do you just want a wax that is slick and quick to use for times when you want a fast finish - this wax is the quickest and easiest to use from our range and would also be a good 'beginner' wax if you're new to car care products.

Our Caramel Glaze Showstopper Show Wax is a carnauba blend thats really smooth and soft, so it spreads effortlessly for speed and convenience. A little goes along way, so its also very economical.

It comes in a really delicious Caramel fragrance that smells good enough to eat, but please refrain from sticking your finger in and eating it - it won't taste as good!

Did you know? The first 'car wax' was created in the late 1800's by a horse carriage maker in the German town of Bischofsheim and it was made of animal fats. We imagine that was a very soft product too - probably like rubbing on lard!

Use our Showstopper wax if you would like…
• a lovely soft wax that covers & removes easily & quickly
• great depth of colour and clarity
• hydrophobic protection
• a perfect wax for concours use

100ml - £22

Available in Caramel fragrance

All our waxes contain natural oils to moisturise your paintwork and help keep it looking better for longer.

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Durability: Average.

Durability is a hard area to test and prove as so many factors will effect how long your wax will perform. We do advise that you wax your car at least every couple of months to maintain MAXIMUM protection (especially for daily drivers). And if you're here buying wax, thats probably something you easily do anyway!

Application: If your paintwork is looking particularly dull or you'd like to increase the durability and protection of your wax, first apply our Spic and Span Pre-Wax Cleanser.

Apply a very thin even layer to spotlessly clean paintwork using a wax applicator. (If at a show you may want to use our detail spray first to remove dust from the paintwork).

Leave the wax on the car for 5-15 mins and then polish off with a clean and fluffy microfibre cloth. Buff to a shine with a second clean and dry microfibre cloth.

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